What is a refurbished mobile and what its advantages and disadvantages are

With mobile phones, something similar to cars usually happens: once they leave the dealership (in this case, if the box is opened), their value depreciates considerably. If you consider that it is a device that is renewed with a more or less annual cadence, does it really compensate to pay the full price knowingly that they are becoming more expensive? One obvious option is to acquire it second-hand, but this transaction involves many factors that make the experience can be really frustrating; but there's a third way to buy the refurbished mobile


What is a refurbished mobile?

A refurbished mobile is a device returned by the customer to the factory for some reason and that the brand has reintroduced it in the pre-sale review cycle, so that it is delivered to the customer with all the guarantees of a new product. That is, you buy a mobile already purchased by another user but with the same guarantees as a new one and at a considerably lower price; the first thing is important since the manufacturer guarantees the product during the same legal period as a new one


Sometimes and in the case of wholesalers, a significant reduction in the market price can also be achieved by purchasing products that have been returned and that have only damaged packaging.

Why buy a refurbished mobile?

The most immediate answer is the economic savings: a refurbished mobile can come out for a price between 20% and 30% less than a new one and under the same conditions, that is, once opened and configured, no one can tell if it was new or not. Economic is not the only advantage and is that, those who want to put a grain of sand in the conservation of the environment, in some way, are doing so by taking advantage of a product already manufactured; on paper, this is one less element on the production line

. Refurbished devices.

Disadvantages of a refurbished product

The first and most obvious is that you lose the "new product" experience that it feels like to unseal a new mobile, and one derivative of this is that they are usually mobiles that are close to being discontinued.

Another disadvantage is that, in many cases, the original box is replaced by a generic and unlabeled one (this is usually done by Apple); again, these are sensations, but they must be taken into account. In addition, it is possible that the product has some kind of brand or stripe, something that must be indicated in the description of the same and of course, have a considerable reduction. Another potential disadvantage of such products is that their resale value, in good logic, will also be lower.

Where can I find refurbished mobiles?

If you're looking for an iPhone with Apple's direct warranty, Cupertino's brand has a specific section on its Internet store, although it can also rely on wholesalers like Macnificos that offers discounted iPhones that are significantly discounted and guaranteed for a year. Amazon also has a powerful section for this type of mobile, and on PC Components you can also find an extensive catalog. Another option is to use companies such as Certideal, which are dedicated exclusively to the purchase, review and sale of this type of mobiles.