Microsoft returns to mobiles with a two-screen device

If we had to keep a single adjective to describe what Microsoft presented at its event would be emotional, and it is that the head of Windows has not only not omitted the emotional aspect in its presentation, but has made it its main argument. Gone was the pragmatic vigour of the Steve Ballmer era, and further the image of corporate and formal giant accompanying Bill Gates; Satya Nadella's Microsoft appeals to feelings, but possibly in an overly forced manner. Constant allusions to the family and feelings have splattered the presentation of a new range of convertibles and even an unexpected rabbit that has come out of the joker: Microsoft's return to mobiles


Symphony has been the slogan vertebrate of an event that has been inaugurated and closed by the CEO of the company, but whose master of ceremonies has been the head of products, Panos Panay, the main battering ram of those of Redmond in these motifs. Like any good symphony, it has begun with the soft chords of the violins and then increasing the rhythm of a very predictable sequence, but to conclude with an ending as explosive as it is dramatic, which Panay has managed theatrically with his silences. And it was no less: trombones announced Microsoft's return, no more, to the world of mobiles


Surface continues to grow

The near-hour and a half-length show - in which there hasn't been a single second without content - has begun with the introduction of the New Surface Laptop 3, the great heirs of the laptop concept in the house. The manufacturer wants to escape the discomforts of a computer and has therefore equipped these equipment with an instant starter system, through which, after opening the cover, the computer is ready to use. In this same vein, the new Surface Laptop 3 features a fast charging system with which in less than an hour connected to the plug, they can charge up to 80% of the battery, "as happens on mobiles", we have been reminded

. Microsoft Product Manager Panos Panay introduces 15-inch Surface 3 Notebook

The following dish was also not insignificant: the new Surface Pro 7, perhaps more focused on an incremental improvement over the previous model, has not stolen excessive prominence to the next protagonist, the Surface Pro X, a convertible that is moved by the SQ1 chip , made together between Microsoft and ARM. If the Pro 7 was broadly an improvement over the previous model, the Pro X is the main protagonist of the range, with very fine frames, a stylus with functionality that inevitably reminds us of the Pencil of iPad, a hardware dedicated to Intelligence Artificial and two forced USB-C ports

Mobiles and 'airpods'

The symphony was in a very predictable manner, conveniently commended with the calculated pauses and silences of a histrionic Panos Panay, when suddenly the Surface EarBuds, a headset that reminds them without hesitation to the Apple's AirPods, but offering logical integration with Surface, Cortana (using a simultaneous translation system), and gesture touch control. The party seemed to be animated in the face of what, in the end, would be a fire of artifice before what would come next: the attendees have not been able to disguise their surprise at the announcement of the confusing and innovative Surface Neo, a strange concept that combines two separate screens by means of hinges to which a keyboard is added. This equipment is undoubtedly novel, but it doesn't seem to solve a real market need. And this is not what we can say about the star dish of the day,

Introducing Microsoft's Surface Pro 7

When all the attendees were picking up to leave the room, Panay has advanced the classic "One more thing" that the late Steve Jobs once employed to present his main course, and he was: Microsoft has announced his return to the world of Surface Duo. It is a mobile with two screens attached by a hinge, "it is better on two screens than one", said Panay in clear reference to the problems that Samsung lives with its Galaxy Fold, but that instead of an adapted version of Windows , carries Android as a platform. What are the implications of this measure? The first is that the device will benefit from a wide range of applications (which will have to be adapted, logically, to the device), and the second is that it is the first time that Redmond's will offer the hardware to a rival platform (in Windows Phone times).

Actually, Surface Duo has given greater coherence to the Neo, which is but a larger version but without a mobile connection and that undoubtedly opens the way to a new and unexpected era. Panos Panay's symphony has reached an unexpected climax and an exciting end to 2020, as Microsoft plans to launch its mobile revolutionary for Christmas of that year. In the age of Satya Nadella nothing can be given for impossible; not even that Microsoft launches a mobile... Android.