The little-known tricks of the iPhone

Apple leverages the iPhone as a platform on which it incorporates functions that arrive through software, always free. The arrival of iOS 13 incorporated important and expected news, but as is usually usual in the brand, much of these are not advertised but it is the user who discovers them with the use. We've summarized some of the most interesting, not only iOS 13, but also previous versions

. "Paragraph BCX2 SCXW174713715">The iPhone says the name of the caller

There are many occasions when the iPhone is left behind and, as we walk away, a call just comes in; for these types of situations and especially for people with vision difficulties, Apple has arranged a function whereby the iPhone the name of the user as we have it included in the agenda. In this way, we know who is calling us without having to approach. To activate it, simply go to Settings/Phone/Announce Calls and select Always.

"Paragraph BCX2 SCXW174713715">Notification of calls and messages using flickering

In the Accessibility section there are several jewels that can be used to improve the iPhone's user experience and one of them is to enable the notification of messages and calls by flashing: every time the iPhone has to warn the user of something, in addition to the vibration and sound configured, with this function activated the flash will flash a couple of times to warn the user. This is a frankly useful feature since it helps to easily locate the mobile, especially when there is low light. It is enabled in Settings/Accessibility/Audio-Video and Flashing LED Warnings must be selected.

"Paragraph BCX2 SCXW174713715">Automatic filter for unwanted calls

If you receive many calls after the day and most of them are totally unproductive, it can be a great idea to prevent these contacts we don't know from invading the iPhone. Apple has foreseen this circumstance and has a feature that automatically sends to voicemail all those calls without a sender (the classic hidden number) used by commercial companies and also from all those that are not on our agenda. To activate this filter, you need to go to Settings/Phone and turn on Mute unknown numbers.

"H3 class"Paragraph BCX2 SCXW174713715">'Selfies' using only voice

Selfies have become almost pandemic among mobile users, but activating the front camera requires several steps that can be uncomfortable over time or cause you to miss the magic of the improvised. In this sense, not everyone knows that Siri, Apple's defunced virtual assistant, can save this step for us and take a selfie without practically touching the iPhone how to do it? Simply summon Siri (either by pressing the corresponding button or by sorting an 'Hey, Siri') and then say "take out a selfie", and the assistant will activate the front camera.

"Paragraph BCX2 SCXW174713715">Swipe in calculator to delete

Another example of Apple's policy of letting the user discover the potential of the platform is found in the calculator: a Swede discovered that this useful tool integrated into the system if it slipped to the left erased the last number entered. It is not known how long this feature had been present, but its posting on Twitter went viral and now countless iPhone owners take advantage of it on a daily basis.

"Paragraph BCX2 SCXW174713715">Create tone and vibration for the chosen contacts

A function of the platform allows to create a new sequence of vibrations and sounds to the contact that is chosen. To do this, simply go to Settings/Sounds and Vibrations/Vibration/Create a new vibration and generate the desired sequence to assign it to the chosen contact.

"Paragraph BCX2 SCXW174713715">Automatic emergency call

many stories of iPhone owners who have been seen in a life-or-death situation and resorting to the device's emergency systems has got them out of trouble. The Siri virtual assistant is prepared for this type of circumstance and in case of distress, once it is invoked by the corresponding key or the command "Hey, Siri", if the word 'Socorro' is pronounced, the assistant will call the police informing the location of the device and additionally contact by message with the emergency contacts that we have determined. To set up these contacts, simply go to SOS Settings/Emergency and activate Auto Call, while determining the emergency contacts. These contacts will be alerted as well as emergency services and will receive the exact location of the terminal; the advantage of this system is that it does not depend on the coverage of the operator in question, but on the general signal of the area in which it is located.