Instagram joins 'dark mode' what advantages does it offer?

It's never too late, if the bliss is good, and something like this certainly applies to the addition, at last, of the coveted dark mode on Instagram. The social network belonging to Facebook has been one of the last applications to change the chromatic distribution of the interface and has made it surely forced by the incorporation of this mode natively in iOS 13, the latest version of the operating system that moves the iphone. This mode is already present on Android 10, the latest version of Google's mobile platform.

In fact, if the user has enabled this mode by default on either of these two operating systems, it will not be necessary to do anything on their part since Instagram, if the application is updated to the latest version, will be activated in that mode without the user having to set anything up. The arrival of dark mode to Instagram was long awaited by users of the social network, whose application, by the way, had many spaces with white tones in its interface. Why is the adoption of the&dark mode?

The advantages of the dark mode

The well-known dark mode basically reverses the interface tone on both computer and mobile screen and, where there are light tones, darkens them in grays and even blacks. This distribution is equivalent to the impact on the sight of turning off the lights in a room: the eyes relax and no longer receive intense stimuli: it somehow reduces the visual fatigue of the screens. On the other hand and following more aesthetic patterns, this mode follows the current trend, or if you want to see it this way, it is more fashionable.

But there is another empirical advantage by which its arrival has been enthusiastically received by users: this mode allows a potential saving of the batteries of mobiles, especially that of those with OLED screens. And the savings are not minor: Google recognized that this mode can reduce battery consumption by 14% to 60% on an Android mobile. In addition to Instagram, other mass-used products such as Twitter or YouTube already offer this mode in both mobile apps and their web versions.

"The biggest advantage in this way is that it reduces visual fatigue, something increasingly transcendent due to the increase in the time of use of devices, especially mobile", explains to THE COUNTRY Fernando Suárez, president of the Council of Official Colleges of Engineering in Computer Science.  "Sometimes looking to the past also allows us to engage and improve the user experience," he says. Now that Instagram is in dark mode, all eyes are now directed towards WhatsApp, whose implementation seems imminent.