Fitbit Versa 2: the watch that listens to Alexa and Spotify

Fitbit has released the Versa 2, the latest version of its most successful range of the smartwatch, featuring new features such as Alexa support, Amazon's voice assistant, and the addition of Spotify. With the Versa 2, the independent smartwatch brand tries to undisguise dismay with the latest Apple Watch 5 Series. In its favor, it is compatible with both iPhone and Android mobiles, its battery life (twice that of Apple) and price (199.95 euros). Against it, it doesn't have GPS or LTE connectivity (you have to carry your phone on top for location or to receive calls) and lower features than Apple.

In the Versa 2 also attracts attention the always-on display mode (Amoled), which also incorporates the Apple watch, although reducing the battery consumption by half (two and a half days at full capacity and six days if you use the power mode when you use 24 hours in front of its competitor's 24-hour duration).

The addition of Alexa allows you to query with your voice the time you are going to do, control the smart devices supported by the Amazon assistant, respond to sms, set alarms and reminders, or manage the songs. To do this, you have to press the side button and then ask Alexa. But you have to read the answer on the screen because the device doesn't have a speaker, unlike the Apple Watch Siri, which has full voice interaction.

, the Versa 2 incorporates the functionality of accessing Spotify's music account from the wrist, with the ability to add lists or storage via Deezer of up to 300 songs.

Always with your mobile

Fitbit Versa 2 controls and scores sleep quality.

On the Versa 2 screen you can receive call notifications, Whatsapp or Facebook, text messages, agenda appointments and is able to send short responses (Android only) directly from your wrist, but these features are once again only available if the mobile is close,

The new smartwatch maintains the function of controlling the different phases of sleep (light, deep and REM), but adds two new functionalities. Smart Wake aims to wake up more smoothly. The Versa 2 is told at the time that we want to wake up and the device within a 30-minute window, looks for a lighter sleep phase to emit an insistent hum that gets us out of bed. The other feature is the Sleep Score, which analyzes the previous night's sleep data and gives a score of 1 to 100 to assess sleep quality. In addition, night mode turns off the always-on screen and notifications so that the smartwatch light does not interrupt sleep.

Fitbit can be purchased by Google in the face of stiff competition from Chinese brands

Fitbit Versa 2 also enhances its main strength of exercise control, with real-time heart rate monitoring, both at rest and as well as rhythm zones during workouts. You can choose from 15 forms of exercise (running, cycling, swimming, yoga, etc.), with real-time speed and mileage measurement and statistics. It is submersible up to 50 meters deep. For women, there is a menstrual cycle tracking feature, which was already in the previous edition of Fitbit Versa.

The new watch is available in six colours and with straps and accessories interchangeable with any model in the Versa range. It also has Fitbit Pay mobile payment functionality, as long as the bank is compatible.

Possible google purchase

Fitbit is still in the head peloton of weareables manufacturers. And it is that, according to Reuters, the US firm is looking for a buyer and Alphabet - Google's parent company - may be interested in buying from the manufacturer.

The collapse of your stock on the stock and the stiff competition of Chinese manufacturers like  Xiaomi, Huawei or Honor, in the mid-range and on the activity wristbands and Apple and Samsung on high-end smartwatches  you are passing bill.