Facebook goes into dark mode

The so-yet-known dark mode, a design of computers and mobile devices by which it dispenses with light tones to facilitate reading, continues to impose itself and Facebook remains unrelated to this trend. A few weeks ago, Instagram, one of the company's flagship products, premiered its screen in the aforementioned mode and now all eyes have been focused on Facebook and other products of the house, such as WhatsApp. And it seems that at last, Facebook has started to implement this mode, albeit gradually and through a small number of users.

It has been through social media as the first evidence of the new way of viewing by Mark Zuckerberg's firm has been known, which provides an idea of how complex it is to apply this new color distribution. It is worth remembering that Apple spent months and a whole version jump on iOS to finally and officially present its new dark interface. Early people who have enjoyed the new dark mode confirm that they have done so by means of an invitation in the web version of the product that arrived as notification.

Mark Zuckerberg. Carlos Jasso REUTERS

Facebook announced a new design of its products earlier this year at its f8 conference and  the social network confirms that this dark mode "is part of the Facebook redesign that the company has already announced at its global developer conference and that it is starting to be implemented." This facelift promises social media users to find content faster, a "cleaner and larger-letter" visual aspect, and something many will no doubt like: follow the reading of the wall at the point where it was left.

The latter will be very well received since the algorithm of the social network is programmed to offer new content at all times, an advantage that can become a double-edged weapon since if the user abandons for a moment the visualization of the wall , when you return you will lose the content you were reading. Those who receive the possibility to test this new interface - in beta phase - will have the possibility in the initial configuration to choose between the dark mode or maintain the light. And the first thing that will be perceived by whoever tries the new redesign is going to be an inevitable resemblance to Twitter, to the point that it can get confusing at first glance.

This new form of viewing is still in the testing phase and will gradually appear in the web version of Facebook users' screens. There is no way to force the app, as it arrives randomly.