Apple locks battery information on iPhones if unofficial

Apple has introduced in the 'software' of current iPhones a restriction that blocks access to battery status information offered by the iOS system when the user performs a battery repair through third parties and also in cases where a battery from another brand is installed,

As warned from TheArtofRepair YouTube channel and have been able to replicate the iFixit portal, by changing the battery with an external repairer, a message jumps in the battery health section in the mobile settings stating that "it cannot be verified that this iPhone has an Apple battery. Health information is not available for this battery."

In the tests carried out by the aforementioned means, it has been replicated that this change affects all models of the last range of iPhones (XR, XS and XS Max) and the latest versions of the operating system iOS 12 and 13.

When testing to change the battery with an Apple battery, iPhone devices also display the same message, as a company repairer (Apple Genius) or Apple Authorized Service Provider needs to authenticate a battery to the phone,

Apple is attaching the batteries to the devices and only they have the software to verify the battery change. Due to this change it is necessary to go to an authorized establishment and purchase the services of the U.S. company to change the battery and for the phone to display battery health information.

Your mobile phone batteries have Texas Instruments microcontrollers that provide iPhone with battery capacity, temperature, and how much time is left until it is fully discharged. As explained in the video, the new iPhones see that the chip containing this information has a verification code that is linked to the iPhone logic board and if that code does not square it will skip the message.