Can you eat healthy without tasting the fruit?

Don't like bananas. Apples don't taste like anything. I find pears sticky. Watermelon is watermelon. The melon stings. I can't stand touching the peach skin. And we don't even talk about the persistent aroma of which is impregnated with eating mandarins... that the fruits are the candy of nature? I'll give them to you,

Completely sweet step and the fruit in particular. I blame him on the one who, as a child, i was forbidden to be sweet (it wasn't nice to have a daughter to fat). Perhaps this imposed fast has preserved the virginity of my taste buttons and, who knows, the disconnection of the corresponding receptors in the brain. If we add to this that, obviously, I have no memories – positive – linked to any sweet aroma... it's no wonder I never want to. Let him shun her. Ignore her. What do I do with the recommendation to take at least 3 servings of fruit a day?

In case they don't know, science (personalised in the Association for the Promotion of the Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables 5 a day), the highest international health authorities, and even the Government of the nation, invite to reach at least five rations a day between varied fruits and vegetables, distributed – preferably – in three of the first and two of the second.

The "seasonal fruits (usually are tastier, cheaper and with less environmental impact), of different texture, color, aroma and flavor, to contribute different varieties and quantities of phytochemicals", explains Manuel Moñino, president of the Scientific Committee of association 5 a day and member of the Center for Analysis of Scientific Evidence of the Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Better whole ("not liquefied, crushed or juiced—or not exceeding 150 milliliters a day—"), peeled or peeled.

Vegetables: "Trying to consume leafy vegetables and those of the crucifer family (coles, cauliflower, broccoli)", ensuring a serving in raw, better if it is at noon "just because your digestive process is more difficult and so we will have all afternoon to do digestion", and cooked for dinner "although it is not a rule of gold", he adds. And some more detail...

A couple of candied apple slices as an accompaniment to a meat stew don't count as a ration. Namely, literally –according to the official guidelines–: three apricots, 125 grams of blueberries, raspberries or blackberries (usually sold in boxes of 150 grams), nothing more and nothing less than 18 cherries, 8 canned lychees (that should be a whole can), 5 nisperos (to be peeled and boned)... The numbers overwhelm me, selecting which ones to add is like choosing between scare or death and multiplying any of them by three in a desperate act of giving me a binge to end penance as soon as possible, gives me indigestion (in addition to mental). Yes, yes: it is also fulfilled by a single apple, a kiwi, a grapefruit... But if you have to change...

Why are there three fruit and two vegetables? Says Moñino, one of those responsible for designing the plan that destroys my hopes of eating healthy without touching a melon: "Consumption of at least [and emphasizes the latter] five servings between fruits and vegetables varied daily is associated with a lower risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity cancer or cardiovascular disease. They provide fiber, vitamins and phytochemical compounds that differ in type and quantity between the two groups, including fruits and vegetables with each other. Hence the recommendation of 'varied'. [The ratio of three to two] is also a matter of opportunity: in our cultural context, take dessert fruits and between hours and vegetables at lunch and dinner, it is a distribution in the moments of habitual consumption of the majority of the Spanish population that facilitates reaching the recommendation. In several Latin American countries the relationship is reverse: three vegetables and two fruit..." One more reason to dream of living in the Caribbean...

Can I just replace each other I mean, can I have a dessert carrot or a snack endive, and completely forget that the grapes exist? "While doing so is no problem, it is not recommended [that's why they bring different things]." I just heard my mother saying "you'll see..."

I keep trying: Do tomatoes count as fruit? ""Spanish food code categorizes them as vegetables because, although they are fruits, the use of it is vegetable. Other fruits that are vegetables are, for example, aubergines. Also tender beans and maize, although they are legumes and cereals respectively, for their nutritional input and cultural use". There's no way,

-since I'm in– a sauce, like a serving of vegetables...? "Tomato sauce is a combination of several vegetables so in itself, it could be considered as a way to take vegetables. When quantifying whether it is a serving or not, the amount of each ingredient used should be considered: at least 80 grams if presented as part of the menu or 120 grams if it is in a single dish," ends the dietitian-nutruicionista.

there's just some resignation left and looking for the least sweet, greener ones. Those who don't like vegetables have another comfort. Fried vegetables (even battered, although it is better not to abuse this technique), do count as vegetables.