Operation 'detox'

Do you fit your pants like a month ago? Aren't you among the Spaniards who've put on three to five kilos these parties (that's the figure that some medical associations give) ? What luck, do you have the gene! Thank the family,

And if you're among the common mortals, welcome to this enooorme club. It's time to put things in place, and the toxin site is out of your body. Even if you haven't put on weight but you've gone too far with fats, sugars, alcohol and dinners, you can get the big self-gift of a period detox. In fact, the return to healthy living is a classic among the good wishes to receive the year,

Come to receive spring with the mission accomplished. That's why the first ingredient of the operation can only be one: will... and even headbuttry! Don't leave it for tomorrow. Challenge yourself, link family or friend to give you encouragement in moments of human weakness or dismissal,

You can put in a very visible place, like the bathroom mirror, or the fridge, or both, a memory that the health and the high of seeing you well come first and second. The advantage of starting now is that you can measure progress with the year. You'll see how good February feels,

And from there, plenty of water (with lemon, better still), infusions or juices of celery, carrot or pineapple to go purifying. There are plenty of foods with digestive, diuretic and purifying properties. The toxins will go away quickly but we already know that kilos are magical, a mystery of science, they are gained overnight and then they look like squatters. So patience, don't despair and set affordable goals, match by match


Don't punish yourself, enjoy eating but with the calories very contained. If after the bullies you throw yourself headlong on a demanding diet, easy for you to finish your nails. It is better to recover routines, lost sleep hours and schedules, such as not leaving more than three hours without eating so as not to feel empty or fantasize about a sausage sandwich. And make a list of very healthy but very appetizing recipes,

For example this: curry squash. Very easy. Cut a medium or large pumpkin into generous dice and cook over medium heat for 20 minutes. Also chop onion and saute with a little coconut oil. Then you put grated nutmeg, a tablespoon of curry, a pinch of powdered ginger, another of ground cumin and cayenna. Stir, add about 500 grams of spinach leaves, pumpkin tacos, coconut milk, salt and pepper. Let chup chup about 10 minutes by stirring occasionally. And to decorate, some sprouts. Rich, healthy,

and for dessert? Don't get overwhelmed, because you don't need to beat yourself up in the gym either. Simply incorporate healthy gestures like walking or climbing stairs into your day-to-day life. You see it's not that hard either,