Low-cost breakfasts with haute cuisine techniques

In Orense capital, Café Pacific elicits burning praises. It's not for less. Even though this post goes for breakfast, you're going to let me start it by talking about your meals. For 28 euros its owner, the chef Fran Domínguez, offers every noon a surprise menu of 8 passes, including aperitif and desserts, separate drinks, which modifies daily according to the market and seasonal products. It does not have a letter and does not support deviations from the formula that you implemented some time ago. In a way somewhat similar to the system that in 1999 stood the great cook Marcelo Tejedor in his restaurant of Santiago, a pioneering gesture that at that time revolutionized the gastronomic world.

It is the success of this house that, unless strange circumstances converge, it is useless to approach without reservation, the place fills up to the flag. "If a customer asks us for a menu of 50 euros we prepare it, but it is not our style. We enjoy eating well at moderate prices," says

Brioche bread with avocado cream, low-temperature egg and hollandaise sauce. J.C.CAPEL

After repeated apprenticeships with the best Galician chefs, Dominguez was installed in 2012 in the house opened by his grandparents in 1975 once he had been removed. Clearly, a professional covered up with a technical background of high school that at 42 years old cooks what he wants and as he pleases. "We started shyly giving only breakfasts and two years later we started it with the unique menu at noon, formula with which we continue. We only provide weekday dining, menus that we replace with brunch on weekends," he says. In all cases at such reasonable prices that in the 2019 edition the Michelin guide surrendered to the evidence and distinguished this house with a Bib gourmand more than justified.

Doesn't end your adventure there. Although the venue closes every night, it continues to offer outrageously good breakfasts of knives and forks from 8.30.

Breakfast My experience past days was memorable. I do not say by a couple of details but by the litany of specialties that we requested, that in the end we were not able to finish on certain occasions,

I found the apple, strawberry and lime juice obtained by the cold press system to be almost perfect in balance. I enjoyed the granola bowl of oatmeal with nuts, coconut and honey, on a chia seed pudding with almond milk and coconut yogurt, and we went to its attractive salty bites not without first giving full count of large croissants, size XXL, in the company of an aromatic latte.

"The pastries are made in a friendly workman ship according to our recipes. At 7.30 each morning we bake the pieces, the same ones that many customers buy us at the entrance counter. The bread is received from Cumial, an artisan bakery that works with sourdough and applies long fermentation times. They amass us exclusively for Café Pacific a type of loaves. Dehydrated crumbs with intense cereal flavor."

Including that breakfast/lunch broke into our table a toast of brioche bread with egg on low temperature, avocado cream and hollandaise sauce with Jamaica pepper sprinkled with abundant chives. In sight, a testament to the best food porn whose sauces slipped on the brioche impregnated with the egg yolk. An addictive specialty that Dominguez just incorporated into your new menu,

Toast with oil, salt, shredded tomato and Galician ham. J.C. CAPEL

Soon after came the slices of bread with tomato and oil with slices of Galician ham that we had requested and, immediately, two skewers, name that give the montaditos, in this case with mozzarella and arugula, and chicken and roral with garlic bread. Both flawless. I don't follow. Carried by my sweets I still ordered a chocolate to the cup, which Dominguez made from a combination of pure cocoa. Container in which I dared to wet sticks of a Galician bica with intense cream flavor,

Priced? It depends on the quantities. If the toast with butter and homemade jams is charged at 1.7 euros; the chocolate to the cup with biscuits 1.9 euros, and the homemade granola ball with almond milk and seasonal fruits 4 euros, it is evident that a remarkable breakfast can rotate around 10 euros. From 15 euros, as was my case, we entered the range of the mid-morning lunches. Or any large brunch, the same as for 17.50 euros offers this house Saturdays and Sundays from 13.00 h days in which, as usual, you could display the full capacity poster. For many reasons, apart from the strictly gastronomic ones, Café Pacific is much more than a track for sybaritas


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Pincho / montadito of turkey, arugula, tomato and cheese. J.C.CAPEL Apple juice, strawberry and lime, obtained by Granola. J.C.CAPEL Homemade jams. J.C.CAPEL Chocolate to the cup with Galician bica. J.C.CAPEL Cafe Pacific. J.C.CAPEL