10 foods and accessories to take care of your dog or cat's health

Well they say that pets look like their owners, especially since everyone takes care of their dog or cat as much as they do with themselves. And in this time of New Year's resolution, one of the most common is losing weight and taking care of health; which involves, in addition to increased physical activity, eating healthier and more balanced. So why not add your pet to this challenge to lose weight and take care of the line?

To achieve this, it is clear that constant physical activity is just as important for pets as it is for humans; but just as relevant is a low-carb diet with nutritious and natural ingredients. That is why in THE COUNTRY Escaparate we have selected 10 foods and accessories on the zooplus.es website to help your dog or cat take care of itself, recover the line and stay in shape. In addition, you can enjoy a 5% discount throughout the store with the ZOOPLUS-GROUND coupon, in purchases greater than 59 euros (until 31 January).


I think without 3 kg Wolf of Wilderness cereals

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In nature, wolves – ascending from dogs – do not consume cereals, but a diet based on fresh meat, red fruits, roots and wild herbs. That is why these ingredients have been chosen in the production of this feed, free of carbohydrates ( with the exception of potatoes- ), which provides nutrients, minerals and vegetable fibers to your pet. You can find it in varieties such as salmon, venison, lamb, wild boar, duck, chicken or beef, as well as in other presentations. 33% discount, you save 6 euros.

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Concept for Life Veterinary Diet Weight Control

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One of the main causes of overweight in dogs is a high energy intake, in combination with a low amount of physical activity, to a greater extent if sterilized. To avoid diseases related to this condition, such as diabetes, feed your pet with this dietary supplement, made with natural fiber that provides a feeling of satiety and promotes a balanced digestion. In addition, it does not contain carbohydrates. The brand also offers other foods for dogs with kidney, intestinal or allergic problems.

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Northmate anti-voracity feeder

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Gases and other digestive disorders in dogs are often related to the voracity with which they eat their food. The goal of this feeder, which is designed with different heights, is for your pet to eat little by little, as it will make him take out the food in small portions. In addition, it will keep you busy and increase your enthusiasm for mealtime. 40% discount, save 13 euros.

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Nutrivet Carniking L-Carnitine

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Another method to combat your pet's obesity is this dietary supplement for dogs and cats. It has a high content of L-carnitine (150 g/kg), a substance that stimulates metabolism and therefore helps to burn fats quickly. In addition, it helps to keep cholesterol levels at bay, preserve muscle mass and counteract cardiovascular disease. 46% discount, you save 12 euros.

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Snacks Rocco Naturals ox nerve

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Consent to your pet with prizes doesn't necessarily have to mean giving you high-calorie foods. These snacks are dried natural ox nerves, which are dried in oven without smoke. Thanks to this process, they are crisp and do not need artificial preservatives or dyes. In addition, they contain a lot of protein and are low in fat, so you can offer them to your pet at any time.

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I think with feringa cereal-free bird

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The feed made with cereals, containing high levels of carbohydrates, contribute to the overweight of cats with little physical activity. That's the highest quality of this food, developed especially for sterilized cats, since its combination of tender poultry and pumpkin, cranberries and a touch of mint is cereal-free, so it helps control weight.

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Pack Concept for Life mixed feed

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If your cat often has problems with intolerance or digestibility with food, Concept for Life products may be the solution. Since meat is its main ingredient, they have a balanced and optimal nutritional composition. This pack includes 400 grams of feed plus four envelopes —85 grams each— of wet food, two with sauce and two with gelatin. There are four varieties available: for sterilized cats, sensitive stomach, with ideal weight or kittens up to 12 months.

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Cat in Motion Cat in Motion

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Even if you have scrapers and toys at home, cats cannot exercise freely as they do outdoors. Therefore, this wheel is an ideal complement to make physical activity part of your minino's daily routine. Its structure will allow you to and exercise whenever you want, has a wide diameter to protect your back and is coated with EVA rubber that ensures a good grip.

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Pack Cosma soups

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Made with ingredients such as chicken breast or fillets, salmon and tuna, and supplemented with a side of vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes or zucchini, depending on variety), these soups are carb-free as they do not contain cereals. Therefore, in addition to being a natural food supplement, it helps your pet to keep the line in a healthy way. The package includes four mixed envelopes.

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Snacks freeze-dried Zoolove chicken

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want to do your cat's best? These snacks freeze-dried — no water to conserve flavor and nutrients — are made with the best quality 100% chicken. Therefore, they do not need additives, preservatives or dyes, and they become a natural and healthy snack for your minion. In addition, when purchasing this product, 10% of the sale price goes to an animal protector,

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