Victoria Beckham, unafraid to grow old

Designer Victoria Beckhan has revealed not to be afraid of the passage of time. In an interview broadcast last Monday on the British programme This Morning and held in his store in London, in the United Kingdom, he said that at 45 he does not try to appear younger. All the former member of the spice group Spice Girls wants is to feel the best she can according to her age. 'It doesn't bother me to get older and I'm not going to try to look younger than I am. I just want to look good and healthy for the age I have: try to become the best version of myself and take full care of myself. The truth is, I don't want to change anything about my appearance," he said


Beckham has also insisted that he loves to be years old: "I like to experience everything that comes with this process of getting older,&I like the way I am because that's what there is, it's what defines me. We're all going to get older and that's something I have fully accepted.

The designer has said that her eagerness to exercise is more due to a health issue than a question of aesthetics: "I expect a lot from my body and that's why I train so much. I want to be the most professional, the best mother and the best wife, and that's why I have to treat you well.& I also have to make sure that it is always full of energy, because my working days are very long and besides I am a mother and I need a lot of fuel for cultivate my lifestyle." The former singer is married to former British footballer David Beckham for 20 years and together they have had four children: Brooklyn, 20 years old; Romeo, 17; Cross, 14; and Harper, 8.

In the same interview she talked about her flaws with makeup when she was a Spice Girl. "Too much lipstick lips, too," he said of some of his eccentric stylings of the time, such as his look all black, almost gothic, at the 1997 MTV Awards. But Beckham has revealed that his worst red carpet was the American Music Awards: "It was a bit of everything. A lot of eye, a lot of lip and a lot of blush, but it was the nineties." However, revisiting those images raises a smile on the designer: "It's been a journey that's taken me to where I am and made me realize that less is more." The designs of his firm VB, which began in 2008, and his current style corroborate that transformation. 

In addition, the former singer has confessed her admiration for the British actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who recently  has won a statuette at the Golden Globes for Best Comedy Actress in Fleabag. "I love Fleabag, I'm obsessed with her. Having known her has been exciting," said Beckham