A financial scandal adds to Prince Andrew's public collapse

That phrase that misfortunes never come alone seems like a bespoke suit for Andrew of England. Elizabeth II's third son is implicated in a scandal of such magnitude that he has ended up short-circuiting the structure of the British royal family and that, far from improving, only the figure of the[prince

After his association in the sexual abuse case of Jeffrey Epstein, which has forced him to quit his duties and retire from public life, Andrew is now dotted with another scandal, this time of a financial nature. Andrew of England would have fraudulently exploited his role as a representative of foreign trade British to help one of his best friends, billionaire financier David Rowland, to promote connections with potential clients for Banque Havilland, the family's owning entity in Luxembourg. This was published by The Mail on Sunday Sunday, which has accessed a number of confidential emails.

The Rowland are almost like family for Andrew; they have been to Balmoral, have had tea with the queen and met Prince Charles and even Andrew– who was in charge of discovering a statue of David – has once described his friend as "a kind of false big brother". But they were more than that. The British newspaper claims that Andrew helped the Rowlands hold meetings with high purchasing power clients, who he introduced them to during their official tours from their powerful role, not only as ambassador, which he held for a decade, but as the son of Elizabeth II. David Rowland would offer those clients that came to him through his friend—including members of royal families, heads of state and government, official institutions...—to invest in funds offshore tax-free. 

 Andrés would have given the banker access to confidential government documents which he obviously had no right to know. Even, according to the revelations of the Mail – the Duke of York would have had, until last March, a half-baked business (he owned 40%) with the Rowland family in a tax haven, the British Virgin Islands, and intended to participate as a financial partner in that Rowland bank that he helped grow. A series of activities, statements and attitudes that  show that Andrew's fall of grace is already unstoppable

. Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson at the Ascot races last June. GtresOnline

The modus operandi was as simple and natural as the prince's role and his relationship with the Rowlands was. He traveled to countries such as China or Saudi Arabia and in his meetings he took David's son and successor, Jonathan, and there he introduced him to rich tycoons. For example, in China he got a meeting with businessman Louis Cheung, president of the insurance corporation Ping An, valued at 200 billion euros. In Saudi Arabia, both met with the king's second son, prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abulaziz al Saud. An exchange of emails shows that, after that meeting, Rowland was already presenting himself to the Saudis directly as an intermediary for the British royal family.  In Iceland, for example, Andrew requested a memorandum on the financial situation of the country taking advantage of his position and passed it on to the Rowland, who months earlier had bought part of an Icelandic bank for 100 million euros.

This financial matter is interspersed with&the Epstein case, as the two overlap over time: when Andrew already knew that his role as ambassador was reeling from the sex abuse scandal, the Rowland proposed to keep his common business activities "under rope", as read in the leaked emails. "I like the way you think," Prince Andrew replies sternly to David Rowland's son,

The Rowland have been linked to the Dukes of York for decades. The patriarch, David, is a 74-year-old real estate tycoon with a fortune estimated at more than 700 million euros and who helped Sarah Ferguson, Andrew's ex-wife, when she was drowning in debt, paying more than 50,000 euros she owed. Rowland became part of the Conservative British party - he was its treasurer - but he had to resign in 2010 because of a scandal around his business. His son Jonathan is the one who succeeds him and who has a close relationship with Andrew,

Emails would have come to Prince Charles' ears last August through a confidante. The heir has acted as a firewall to his brother's situation in the Epstein case, pressuring his mother to remove him from the institution and help him clean it up. I knew that the New York tycoon wasn't the only dirty secret his brother kept,