Risto Mejide, impertinent even to talk about his book: "What kind of question is that?"

Interview Risto Mejide is like going to a tutoring with a somewhat peculiar university professor. The presenter likes journalists very little—especially those who ask him about things that make him uncomfortable—and he doesn't hesitate to prove it, unfairly assessing what he thinks of the conversation and the professional in front of him. On Wednesday he conducted several interviews with some media. Each less than 15 minutes, one after the other. Journalists entered and left a small room covered by a dark curtain of the Tatel restaurant, on the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, where there was a certain tension. Mejide was on the side of the room and the organizers of the event in which he participated afterwards—the Master Talks of the Mahou Beer Brand, in which he talked about emotional intelligence with the actress and comedian Ana Morgade—separated from him by a great table. The presenter decided (which did not invite) where the journalist should sit. However, the waiter who served him water thanked him,

In this way, he began an interview, which the company had offered, in which it was forbidden to ask policy. However, THE COUNTRY did not agree to these conditions and eventually the organization decided not to veto any issues. "What am I going to say?" or "What kind of question is that?" were some of the comments left by a meeting that could be summarized in : "I'm not going to talk about it." One of the topics that he wanted to address this newspaper with Mejide was the political scenario, as the presenter speaks every day of the present in his program Everything is a lie, broadcast in Cuatro. There he even announced in September that he was running for the general election with a background that he named Worst we will not. An idea he discarded within a few days. About whether I would resume this project in case the elections were repeated, Mejide, very serious, replied "I'm not going to give you a headline about it because I'm not going to talk about politics." After several attempts he concluded, "Anyone who wants to know what I think of the policy that the program sees.


Mejide returned to television on Monday after paternity leave. His wife, the influencer he and Laura Escanes had their daughter Rome last October. Mejide also has Julio, aged nine, the result of a previous relationship. Of them he just says that they are well and that he does not like to talk about something "so personal". Another topic that doesn't address,

Risto Mejide, in the Tatel restaurant, Madrid. David G. Folgueiras

All the interest that political information, for the election campaign and the appointment with the ballot boxes on Sunday, has forced the presenter to return to work, having served only 45 days of paternity leave. Currently this period is eight weeks in Spain. "The people who work in television are on continuous casualties. Every time we run out of the program, we're on leave. So don't worry, at some point I'll get that time back." However, as he repeatedly repeats, the three shows he currently participates in (It is a lie, Chester and Got Talent) have good audience quotas, which complicates a short-term break. Something that clashes with his statements on It's all been a lie&last September 19th, the last episode he conducted before giving birth to his wife: I her because I can, because I must and because I want to. (...) People who have a certain notoriety have a moral obligation to do so and I am loving it". 

As politics and personal life cannot be spoken, there are a series of questions about their programs and their trajectory to which they answer very briefly and sometimes laughing sarcastiously: "You are the first one who asks me". He has pretended to be a politician, is a presenter and judge on television, as well as having studied Business Administration and Management. And it all comes down to him as a communicator. "Communicating is getting a message. Send in, don't broadcast. Which is very different," he explains, as if he were in a class in a journalism career,

The communicator is known for its character and its iconic glasses, which is never removed. When it comes time for the photos for the interview he is also not collaborating and refuses to accept the photographer's requests. "No, " he repeats and again. One such request was simply for his hand to touch the glasses,

During the interview he shows his interest in discussing his collaboration with Mahou and his next book. Its tone changes when it is accepted to chat about the play and is shown, just for a moment, something more cheerful and relaxed than during the rest of the conversation. She says it is her first novel after 10 years, which she published in 2020 and comes as a result of the birth of her daughter. Doubt arises as to why in the pages of a book he wants to capture personal topics and does not do the same in interviews. His face is serious again and he replies: "Because there are journalists like you who have not yet understood the difference between intimate life and inner life. I don't share my intimate life, but I am able to tell you what I think about love, family, money, sex, work, triumph and failure. Not understanding that's what has taken us where we are, these kinds of questions.