Muslim and away: that's how the former king of Malaysia wants his son

Little Leon's age is counted for months, five, but his face already smiles from newspaper covers around the world. This sudden notoriety responds to his affiliation: the infant is the only common son of Mohammed V of Kelantan and Oksana Voevodina, whose sleepy rupture has been transformed into a real-time love soap opera. The last episode revolves around little Leon and his future, especially in economics,

Who was Malaysia's head of state has put an offer on the table, the British tabloid The Daily Mail has revealed in an exclusive. Mohammed V offers $250 million – 225 million euros – in a trust fund on behalf of the child in exchange for two conditions: the first, to be educated as a Sunni Muslim; the second, you never try to contact him,

The proposal, for which Leon would receive monthly payments of $1,500 – 1,350 euros – increasing as he grew older and also covering his university education, includes the imposition of measures that are restrictive of his ex-wife's lifestyle. Voevodina should, for example, delete his profiles on social networks, in which he accumulates more than half a million followers and which has become a window with views the intimacy of the failed marriage, as well as all the photos of the monarch in his possession. The agreement also provides that Mohammed V could neither confirm nor deny the paternity of the child, who would be removed from the dysplastic lineage of Kelantan, one of the sultanates that make up the Malaysian Federation.

The former Russian model has rejected the offer, reiterating that their son was conceived during their honeymoon in Australia, and has threatened to go to court in Moscow to claim paternity evidence. The British tabloid also published the first photos of Leon, who in the eyes of Voevodina is "equal to his father". Mohammed V replied, instead, that "he can be the son of any Asian man" and that the revelation that he wept with joy at knowing that his then-wife was pregnant "are nonsense".

Money has been the centerpiece of recent discussions, after Voevodina last month revealed that he had pawned his alliance for a third of his courage. "I used that money to pay my medical bills in Switzerland, as I was in danger of losing my baby," he said then, adding that the sultan had not contributed "not a penny" after "repudiating her while she was four months pregnant." According to sources of the royal household, the ex-model would have demanded a house in London and another in Moscow, valued in total at more than 10 million euros, as well as a monthly allowance of 26,000 euros to keep the couple's child in common.

The couple met in 2017 and by the end of 2018 they married by surprise in Moscow, when Mohammed V was already the head of state of Malaysia. The controversy surrounded the union from the outset and reached high altitudes when images of Voevodina's participation in a reality show Russian, were seen having sex with another contestant. The media pointed to this scandal as the motive that led Mohammed V to become the first king of Malaysia to abdicate, just two years after he acceded to the throne. Seven months after their wedding, their divorce became public. After months of cross-reproach, the only thing left between the two is little Leon,