Monica Naranjo: "The Island of Temptations" is a feminist program"

In more than two decades of career as a music diva, Monica Naranjo has left iconic moments, such as her two-color, platinum-brown and black hair. At the age of 45, Figueras has uttered a phrase that has also become iconic: "There are more images for you." It has been repeated to the participants of The island of temptations, the reality of Mediaset that has just concluded and in which several couples moved to a paradissiacal environment to once there separate and test thetest to a group of men and women sent to make them succumb to their charms. In each show, she showed them what their partners were doing, and every time she uttered that phrase, drama loomed in the form of infidelity. "The number of times I had to say it, I didn't see anything else in the script," she recalls laughing over the phone. He is exultant, having overwhelming hearing data, 30% of share. A success that her driver claims has been "the last to wait for him, because she was green as a manzanita in presenting realities", but that he has consecrated her as one of the fashionable faces on the small screen


A few months ago he presented Renaissance, his return to the stage with a tour that continues this 2020 and that has just taken her to Mexico, the country where he started his career. "A wonderful journey, full of reunions and in which I have discovered that all these people were still there, loving me," she says gratefully for a personal moment that ensures she is "full of peace." Surprised that renaissance has also been as a TV star. "I didn't know I could contribute anything to this world, but thanks to the professionals I've learned to handle myself, albeit with a lot of humility." A knowledge of the medium that has not served you to decipher the keys to the success of Island. "It escapes me. There's been a lot of honesty and reality. Everything that has happened, in my opinion, has been marked by the environment. That paradise, that isolation... If you ask me if it would happen to me, I'll tell you no. I come from a conservatory, and there discipline is a degree and rises to your private life and your emotions. I can have in front of a person that I like very much and not show any kind of emotion," she reveals. "What has caught my attention is the number of friends I have, who are library mice, people who don't watch TV, who isolate theothers from the commercial... Well, all hooked to The island. What's the matter with how intellectual and cultured you were?" he jokes,

The fact is that the program has exceeded all expectations in terms of impact, driven by the roller coaster of emotions that couples have brought, especially one of them, the one formed by Estefanía (Fani) and Christofer. "The relationship with the participants has come at the end of the program. I'm a person who empathizes a lot and i've found it really good to keep that distance. When I saw someone having a hard time, so did I. I had a really hard time with Christofer, no one expected what was going to happen, let alone his reaction," he says in a serious tone,

Christofer was deceived by Fani, and cried and ran screaming his name when he saw the images of his girlfriend for seven years with another man. Her scream went viral as she became the villain of Spain. A role that has triggered criticism of machismo towards the program, something Monica categorically denies. "He's not sexist. They've let thefuck, why do we have to tag? We were surprised that it wasn't the men who broke the pattern. That's the opposite of machismo. It has been a feminist program, proof of what is today's society, in which women act freely."

The circumstance faces of Monica Naranjo captured by the cameras have also been the most talked about. "I am aware of the faces I have put on. I'm a person who knows how to listen very well, and I'm always going to respect you. But that doesn't mean my brain isn't going at 200 an hour while my face reflects, 'But what are you telling me? He acknowledges that he would have given them some advice: "When you find a person who loves you unconditionally and loves the least kind of you, take care of her because you have a treasure. And I'd tell Christofer to listen and do a major introspection job."

There are reports that Paolo Vasile, CEO of Mediaset, has shielded her with a great contract to present various formats. She on her social media yesterday released a message: "Let my successor or successor make small the results obtained from this magical first edition."