Miss Myanmar, first Miss Universe candidate to declare herself openly gay

In the increasingly obsolete beauty contests, the differences are only well seen in terms of blondes and brunettes or brown versus blue eyes. Little else. Standards are that standard, and do not allow too many variations in heights, measurements and even thoughts. Hence, the emergence of individuals expressing a different feeling is always welcomed with applause for their bravery,

If last year happened with Angela Ponce, the young Spanish transsexual who became Miss Universe Spain first and who later participated in the global final in Bangkok, erected in an icon of diversity and activism, this year who has raised her voice has been Swe Zin Htet. The representative of Myanmar (former Burma) in the Miss Universe competition held at the weekend in Atlanta, USA, is the first miss to be part of this contest to declare herself openly gay.

Swe Zin Htet, 21, has explained that she is a lesbian, something that has double strength no longer only because of the contest, but because in her country homosexuality is still seen as negative that is also forbidden (marriage is not contemplated) and punished by law: it can involve up to 10 years in prison, although that law is now disused. When I was in Atlanta for preliminary testing, the young woman told through a translator, "I have a platform so if I say I'm a lesbian, I know it will have a huge impact on Burma's LGTBI community." With this revelation, Htet stated, "I feel as if I had started a new chapter in my life." Although the young woman had told in a small blog in late November that she was a lesbian, it wasn't until those statements that her sexual identity has been made public and has generated the impact she was looking for.

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Raised in Magwe, in the west of the country, this actress, singer and Buddhist law student tries to become a lawyer and fight child abuse. "In my country, the difficulty of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are not accepted, they are discriminated against and treated like people of a lower category," said she said. Now he seeks with his statements for his country to change his vision for homosexuality. 

"Not all countries allow same-sex marriage, and I want the world to accept the LGTBI community and its right to choose its path and pursue happiness. Love is the most powerful force; We fell in love with human beings, not genders," he explains in that blog where he has made his homosexuality public, saying that it is something that she knew for about five years and that for her to assume it was "a challenge": "But I feel that I have a powerful voice and the best of positions to defend this cause. Some fans know this and have always supported me, but this is the first time I've talked about it in public." 

zoom in Zozibini Tunzi, Miss South Africa, crowned Miss Universe. VALERIE MACON AFP

His parents didn't assimilate at first: "They wouldn't accept me. But when they found out more about the LGTBI community, they started doing it." For three years he has dated a well-known Burmese singer named Gae Gae, as he told People magazine,  which he met at a party and whose relationship they kept practically secret. From the organization they assure the same magazine to feel "honoured to have been able to give a platform to strong women like Miss Universe Myanmar, who are brave enough to share their stories with the world."

In the Miss Universe competition she was finally won, 26-year-old Miss South Africa Zozibini Tunzi. Swe Zin Htet was eliminated before the final. But it's gone much further than she thought,