Miguel Sánchez Encinas, Chenoa's boyfriend who is on the 'Forbes' list of doctors

18 years ago, a musical talent contest made a young woman of Argentine origin, based in Mallorca, a family-like face for many Spaniards. The show was Operation Triumph, its first edition, and the singer, Chenoa. Since then other editions and other singers have passed, but Chenoa stayed. First was her voice, then the romance she lived live in the reality with her partner David Bisbal, later was the abandoned woman who went out in the door of her house, despondent and tearful, to explain to the media that she had learned that Bisbal left her through a press conference that the singer gave in Caracas.

Fifteen years later, in 2016, neither the recorded records, nor the solo concerts, nor the bride and groom that followed, nor their participation in television programs freed her from being the woman that Bisbal abandoned again. It happened at the Palau de la Música on the occasion of the concert that brought together the contestants of the first edition of the show talent for its anniversary: the ex-partner sang together Hidden and in the end it didn't matter how they did it because people were left with Bisbal who made the cobra to Chenoa. It didn't matter whether it was true or not, but that's how that concert went down in history. 

when the singer seemed doomed to be Bisbal's ex forever, a doctor has appeared in her life who is going to become her husband on an undetermined date, as announced last June. Miguel Sánchez Encinas is the head of the urology service at the Rey Juan Carlos de Móstoles hospital and the Ruber Internacional clinic in Madrid. Now its name has been added to one of the famous lists of the magazine Forbes, in this case that of the 100 best doctors in Spain,

for this reason his girlfriend has not hesitated to show his joy and pride in this recognition in one of his stories of his Instagram account: "I am so happy. So proud. Congratulations on your great work. Well-deserved," Chenoa wrote accompanying several media captures reporting the fact. 

Miguel Sánchez Encinas trained as a doctor at the Complutense University of Madrid and on L'Institut Mutualiste Montsouris in Paris. He has been married before and has a daughter from that marriage. In his profession he is a recognized physician and for example the service he directs at the Rey Juan Carlos hospital was recognized as the best in Spain by the 2018 BIC Awards. He combines this side with that of professor at the King Juan Carlos University, where he teaches five subjects in the degrees of Medicine and Urology. The doctor speaks English and French and is a great fan of running; even he has run some marathon.

Now Sánchez Encinas he has another background career: continuing his life as a doctor and teacher without being overwhelmed by the fame of his partner, something he seems to carry without great problems. She also shares with her her vision of women's freedom and dignity. Earlier this year he shared on his Twitter profile a video of one of his careers accompanied by a committed message coinciding with the murder of the young Laura Luelmo: "[email protected] should run free. My first race of 2019 goes all the way. Not a step back," Chenoa's future husband wrote. 

His fiancée has shown on several occasions his commitment to the feminist cause, one of the last in the book written by the Sálvame host Carlota Corredera, Let's talk about us, in which he has protested "the sexist questions in the photocalls and red carpets". The singer says she's being asked about her dress or if she wants to be a mother. Chenoa says of the professional part: "They don't know what I've done or am doing. I used to get frustrated, I could look in my face, but now I don't. It's been many years knowing who's behind the scenes, why they're, and what they need. Then you see a fellow artist coming in and he says, 'We keep listening to your song.' Man, it's a little flashy." And about the staff: "I have suffered endometriosis, principles of uterine cancer, cysts. In fact, I have surgery twice by laparoscopy. They asked me [if I was going to have children] at a time when I still wanted to, I couldn't," the book explains,

Chenoa also has clear other things, as he unveiled to Hello! in a recent interview in which the couple gave details about their upcoming wedding: "All I have in the past are experiences that have brought me to the point of knowing that Miguel is the right man", affirmed the artist in the eyes of her boyfriend, who confessed that she had asked her to marry "in the Garden of the Orange, at the top of Mount Aventine, one of the seven hills of Rome".