The economic hardship of the Russian model married to the former king of Malaysia

Gifts remain, mourning, even when love is over. The controversy surrounding the fleeting marriage between former Russian model Rihana Oksana Voevodina and Sultan Mohammed V of Kelantan has been revived in recent days by a gift: the wedding ring. In her first public appearance since her divorce was announced, Voevodina recounted yesterday for the British tabloid Daily Mail several details regarding her relationship with malaysia's head of state, including she was forced to pawn her alliance after being "repudiated while four months pregnant.


"I'm not going to reveal the price at which I sold it," the model said, but the math came to the rescue of the curious when he dropped that he received an amount "three times less than his real value." According to these calculations, Voevodina would have obtained more than 226,000 euros for the ring, designed by the famous jeweler Jacob Arabo. "I used that money to pay my medical bills in Switzerland, as I was in danger of losing my baby." Earlier this week, sources around him told the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda that the sultan had not contributed "a penny" to the expenses related to the birth of his son in May this year.

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Both statements respond to an intervention by Kelantan's royal home, collected in the same medium, in which the model was portrayed as a "fortune hunter". According to the version of Palacio, Voevodina would have demanded a house in London and another in Moscow, valued in total at more than 10 million euros, as well as a monthly allowance of 26,000 euros to keep the couple's son in common, to which Mohammed V responded with the "Who do you think I am, Bill Gates


Questioned by the Russian newspaper, Voevodina rejected the evasive austere and chose to narrate how the sultan would have spent "several million dollars" on yachts and night parties in Ibiza on the occasion of his 25th birthday. It added that it has properties spread around the world, a fleet of 90 cars and that its annual expenses reach 55 million euros.

But this hypothetical fortune is, as is apparent from his words, beyond his reach of Voevodina. "I support myself and my son by my own means," he explained. "My family helps me and while I was pregnant I started working on several projects. My idea is to open a digital channel where I can teach people how I educate my son and answer everyone's questions." The ex-model is very active on Instagram, a social network where she has more than half a million followers


Your love story was strange from the beginning. No one in Malaysia was expected in November last year that the then Yang di-Pertuan Agong - the title the head of state receives — would marry unannounced in a private ceremony abroad. Less so than with a model who was twice his age, only known to have won the Miss Moscow beauty pageant in 2015.

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The controversy reached high altitudes when months after her wedding, images of her involvement in the past in a reality show of russian television, in which she was seen having sex with another contestant. The media pointed out that this was the reason that led Mohammed V to become the first king of Malaysia to abdicate, just two years after he acceded to the throne. Voevodine, on the other hand, has denied this: "Abdication was a political issue, it had nothing to do with me.

seven months after their wedding, the news of their divorce became public. Since then, the former partner has crossed all sorts of reproach through the international media, which have come to doubt the paternity of her son in common, although she claimed "to have nothing to prove." Faced with the opportunity to send a message to Mohammed V, he said: "Wake up: you're a father. No matter what happened between us, I want my son to be able to count on his two parents. Think of him"