What's behind Justin Trudeau's beard

Justin Trudeau spent the Holiday holidays with his family in Costa Rica. He turned 48 years there. Back, the Canadian prime minister occupies spaces in newspaper columns and social media for one detail: a carefully trimmed dwarf beard. Speculation has arisen about the politician's decision regarding his facial hair. That would sound exaggerated if it weren't for the premier Canadian has made his image a weighty tool that has gareled sympathy for him, but also put him in trouble. "When is a beard more than a beard? When it is in Trudeau's face," wrote Mark Kingwell, a professor at the University of Toronto, in The Globe and Mail.

Adam Scotti, Trudeau's official photographer, posted the prime minister's new look on Instagram on Instagram. A few hours later, Trudeau's official Facebook and Twitter accounts broadcast another photograph showing up at a work meeting showing his beard. "We want an explanation!" wrote several netizens. The prime minister's office has not commented on this. If the comments in favor have swarmed, the reviews have also been counted in heaps. For example, Conservative Senator Denise Batters stated on Twitter: "After a 17-day vacation, it is revealing that the only news about Prime Minister Trudeau's first day of work is a beard.

In fact, Trudeau has already worn a mustache and musketeer's knob, as well as lush hair. He did so when he took his first steps as an MP, but opted for a daily knife and short hairstyle when taking the reins of the Liberal Party in 2013. Trudeau has become the first leader of the Canadian government, since Mackenzie Bowell in the late 19th century, to wear beards. There is also a family history. His father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was prime minister from 1968 to 1979 and from 1980 to 1984. In the summer of 1979, when he was head of the opposition, he returned to his work in Ottawa with a bearded face, but six weeks later he decided to shave it

It is likely that Justin Trudeau has decided to simply retain the same look as he looked on Costa Rican beaches. However, the gesture lends itself to speculation about the high importance the Canadian prime minister has given to his image at various times. Trudeau has shown good vibes wearing multicolored socks, has shown shows of good physical condition performing yoga positions and has raised sighs with his photographs in Vogue and Rolling Stone.

Justin Trudeau, last weekend. CANDACE ELLIOTT REUTERS

But praise comes and goes. Just remember the mops towards Trudeau for the attire he wore at various times on his official trip to India; Likewise, the old photographs that came to light in the middle of the election campaign where he appeared with dark makeup and that earned him accusations of racism (he apologized again and again). And the SNC-Lavalin scandal [violated a conflict-of-interest law] was no minor, given that Trudeau stressed upon his arrival in power in 2015 that he would favor a different way of doing politics. Trudeau got re-election last October, but his party lost the parliamentary majority,

Justin Trudeau now has a beard. Mark Kingwell was questioning, "Are you trying to look older and more distinguished?" Lynne Mackay, from the consulting firm Mackay Byrne Group, told the BBC that the prime minister "looks more mature," especially because of the grey tones in his facial hair. "There is a certain level of maturity that you are projecting with this beard, there is no doubt about it," he added. Kingwell was throwing another question: "Or is he, on the contrary, trying to look younger and more modern


In December, Trudeau gave interviews to several Canadian media outlets. One issue that appeared frequently was what his new mandate would look like. He said he would seek to have a lower, more professional profile, hoping his ministers would occupy more media space. If on previous Halloween nights, Trudeau dressed as Superman and a Star Wars character, in 2019 he decided not to dress up. He also participated a few weeks ago in a comedy program of Quebec television, as he has done for several years. This time, however, his appearance was very contained, as if calculating the impact of each of his words. And a few days ago Trudeau landed in Canada with a beard, provoking the wave of comments, beyond his real reasons for looking new.