Paul McCartney's Most Family Life

There is no doubt that age is not an impediment to Paul McCartney who, at 77 years old, has swapped guitar for children's stories. The former beatle has launched himself into children's literature and has published his first fantasy book based on his own experience as a grandfather. Hey Grandude, which went on sale last September, tells the fantastic adventures of Grandude, a magical character who lives alongside his grandchildren. Although McCartney claims that he has never fought sharks, as his alter egodoes in the book, the musician admits that he loves enjoying the sea with his eight grandchildren. "I have a small boat in the Hamptons and as soon as I can we go out to sea together, where we sometimes fish," says the Briton in an interview with Paris Matchmagazine.

McCartney is the father of five children – four of his first marriage to Linda, who died in 1998 from breast cancer, and removes it, Beatrice, 16, the result of his second marriage to former model Heather Mills – and has eight grandchildren. Four are from her eldest daughter Mary, who are between 8 and 20 years old, and the other four of her daughter Stella, the renowned fashion designer, aged between 9 and 14. The former musician acts as a grandfather and, in addition to playing football, watching TV and enjoying the music with them, one of the things he likes most is to pick them up to school. "When Nancy and I are in England we like to pick them up and take them out for an ice cream. Rather, they are the ones who take us for ice cream," says the musician, who lives in the United States with his wife,

zoom in Paul McCartney, at the presentation of his children's book, in London, in September. cordonpress

He admits that it's easier to be "a normal person" with his grandchildren than with his children and always tries to bring everyone together to be a family. "Despite my work, I want to spend the holidays with them. In August and Christmas we always meet." About his latest literary adventure, McCartney says it hasn't been difficult because he loves to read. "There's no need to look for rhymes, so it's a little easier than writing a song. [...] My parents never read me stories, but as soon as I could I did it with my children to make them fall asleep. It was a ritual."

Writing this children's story, which includes an album where he tells the story himself, has not been the last challenge the musician has faced. At 77, he continues to perform on tours in which he performs self-composed songs and Beatles songs; their last album, Egypt Station, reached number one in the United States; He has tried various musical formats, collaborated with artists ranging from Neil Young to rapper Kanye West and has even appeared in the film saga Pirates of the Caribbean. In addition, he is now working on adapting to musical theatre for the first time How beautiful it is to live, Frank Capra's celebrated film released in 1946.

"It's something I've never done, it's a new ground to stand out on. Luckily I can wait to be ready, at this point I'm not going to give in to the pressure," he joked about his new project. Their premiere is expected by the end of 2020, and mcCartney will work together, who will compose the music and lyrics of the songs, and the writer of Billy Elliot, Lee Hall, that will help the Liverpool singer with the elaboration of the lyrics and develop the libretto of the musical.