The Intramural Life of Henry Churches

Enrique Iglesias published on Thursday the first photograph of her third child with tennis player Anna Kournikova, a girl who was born on January 30 and from whose birth was known thanks to an indiscretion, scheduled or involuntary, of Julio José Iglesias, brother of the singer. The couple's pregnancy became known almost at the end thanks to photographs captured as they sailed their boat around their home. A little earlier than what happened when two years ago they had their other two children, twins Nicholas and Lucy,

Family lives on Bay Point, one of Miami Bay's most luxurious and exclusive islands. Only a hundred houses rise there. Its neighbors are rich and some very famous. But they all have in common their desire for privacy. To be able to access this urbanization you have to be a resident or be invited by one of them. Getting to the vicinity of the stunning property that the singer shares there with Anna Kournikova and his children is a virtually impossible task. A few weeks ago, someone from the area saw the steroom in an advanced state of gestation. The news came to the ears of some paparazis who were forced to try to get a photo. To do so, they drew a plan to break the armor that kept their previous pregnancy hidden until the end: they posed as Uber drivers so they could get into Bay Point. They took the pictures but they will never see the light as they were taken in a private space. That's why Enrique Iglesias chose this island for his intramural life,

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The house has its own beep and there the singer anchors the boat, with which he goes sailing at sunset. On one of those walks, from boat to boat, the first and only photo of Anna Kournikova's second pregnancy has been taken. A few days later, the baby arrived in the world at the South Miami hospital, where the tennis player had a wing to shield her privacy. Julio José Iglesias, Enrique's older brother, said only on the radio DNA of Chile, of the PRISA Group: "I have been uncle". To add that the sex of the baby was "secret". The whole family knows that Enrique doesn't want anything beyond his private life to transcend, so it's taken him a week to talk about it. Not even the extroverted Tamara Falcó has given a clue about her new niece she has gone to meet in Miami. She herself told this newspaper a few weeks ago that her brother Enrique is not in the chat family with which the children of Isabel Preysler, scattered around the world, keep in touch. "He's an artist and he doesn't want anything to bother him," he argued. That's not to say that the singer has a distant relationship with his own, quite the opposite. Your Miami home is often a center of family gatherings and celebrations. But what happens there, like everything that happens around Henry, is top secret,

Since he has been a father, Enrique spends more time than ever in his home, where what he likes most is to play with his twins Lucy and Nicholas. Of these moments he boasts on social media occasionally making an exception to his hermetism. "Now that I have children, that I have babies, I have a hard time traveling," Iglesias said in an interview on the A new day, from the American television network Telemundo. "It's all about them," he added. Owning a private plane allows you to quickly come and go from one gala to another passing through your home. His friends say that Enrique is a "very happy" man. "He is delighted in his role as a father and is noticeable. With Anna, things can't be any better for him. They form a very blended couple who enjoy the same lifestyle," explains.

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Enrique is seen on the stage and little else. He doesn't like social life. He doesn't attend anything, he doesn't even go to the requirements they make from the Spanish Consulate in Miami. They know they may convince Alejandro Sanz, but I'm sure they don't. The same goes for Anna Kournikova, who on the way to her 20th birthday with the artist has become an anonymous person,

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to be known, they are not married, although some do not rule out that they have. Enrique Iglesias once spoke that they did not need a role to seal the family they have decided to form. Henry also seems to have found peace in other aspects of his life, those related to his father. He is pleased to have triumphed without his help and glad of the rapprochement that has come in recent times. Yours will never be a paternal-subsidiary relationship to use. "At 18, I separated myself from my family completely. I left and for ten years I had absolutely no contact with my father," told Icon magazine of THE COUNTRY. One night after watching a movie that moved him, he picked up the phone and dialed Julio Iglesias' phone. "We had a very nice conversation. He was in good spirits. It was a conversation of those where you're aware that it's special. It really comforted me.


The life of overexposure that Enrique and his brothers had being the cover of magazines one day yes and another also at a very young age, seems to have left the artist marked. Unlike Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler, he doesn't care about that kind of fame, he just wants the one that gives him his music. By his 45th birthday, he knows more than ever what he wants,