Henry of England and Meghan Markle, the difficult role of the second-born

In European royal houses there are moments of change. Being a member of one of them offers many advantages, but also obligations. For some the equation is worth it, for others not. These accounts are held by those in smaller positions on the line of succession to the throne, those in the top positions have no room for manoeuvre. This is the case of the Dukes of Sussex. Henry, after the wedding of William and Kate Middleton and the birth of their three children, became fifth in the line of succession to the throne. His marriage to Meghan Markle and his desire to lead a life further from the palace have led the British royal family to a novel situation that in other monarchies is no longer: living far from the palace. Elizabeth II has to deliver a sentence,

Magdalena of Sweden, for example, departed from his own when he married Chris O'Neill and his businesses were investigated for his financial activity in tax havens. Now, the couple lives in the United States and she participates only in family public activities. O'Neill also gave up the title of prince in order to continue his work. His brother-in-law, Daniel, husband of heiress Victoria, left his job as a gym entrepreneur when he married. But their case is different because it's the couple who are called to reign one day in Sweden,

another similar case is that of Marta Luisa of Norway who, by joining shaman Shaman Durek, has been the subject of much criticism for linking the crown to his activities. After months of controversy, the princess, fourth in line of succession, made public her decision to lay borders. "Lately there have been a lot of discussion about my use of the title in a commercial context. The fact that I used it in the title of my tour was a mistake and I'm sorry. Criticism is something I've taken seriously and, in collaboration with my family, we've decided we'd better make some changes," King Harald's daughter said in a statement. She added: "We have therefore come to the conclusion that I will use the title of princess when representing the royal household, but from now on I will not use it in a commercial context. That is, in all commercial contexts I will only be Marta Luisa. I think this is a good solution, where there is a clear distinction between my business activities and my role as a representative of the royal house. So I create a space for greater freedom in my business activities," concludes,


Prince Laurent, the youngest of the three sons of kings Albert and Paola of Belgium, was removed from official events for his scandals. The prince's tone outings reached such a level that several political parties asked him to stop receiving money from the public purse. Later, Laurent was forced to pay back 16,000 euros to the State for including receipts from a supermarket chain, school expenses for his children and the costs of a ski trip among his supporting expenses for official activities. Also the costs of remodeling his house were in the spotlight. Laurent now lives apart from official life since his brother Felipe acceded to the throne and only participates in acts of a family character.

In Spain the role of the infantas Elena and Cristina was marked by the caso Noos. The palace of La Zarzuela removed the then dukes of Palma from the official agenda and in passing reduced Elena's presence. With the arrival of Philip VI at the head of state, the royal family was redefined. What was a royal family from the King's family was separated. The first one belongs only Don Felipe and Dona Letizia, her daughters Princess Leonor and infanta Cristina and kings emeritus Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía. The measure was explained as the intention to make clear which axis the Crown pivots on. Infantas have their own work and do not receive state assignment that does, instead, deal with their safety.

The Windsors, however, have not shortened the family, put on weight growing it. Sons, grandchildren, nephews and even cousins of Queen Elizabeth enjoy favors and privileges. This situation has created many problems in the past. Prince Andrew was embroied in a scandal after being accused of using his position to do business. The same happened to Edward of England and his wife Sofia who had to close their production company. Even Sarah Ferguson, separated from Andrew, has had trouble resuming her private life,

Once again, Elizabeth II will be forced to redefine the role of her family members following the decision of the Dukes of Sussex to take a step back, a circumstance that has become a political issue, which will mark the conduct of other monarchies by the high degree of influence of the British crown.