Madonna's Calvary Endangering Her Tour

tired, exhausted, angrily decayed and, above all, sore. So Madonna ended her U.S. tour ahead of Christmas. After a few days of rest, last weekend started the European stretch of it in Lisbon, an intimate show in small theaters that is bringing more than one upset to the singer. He had to cancel all of the Boston concerts in late November because of an injury to his knee. She herself apologized to her fans on Instagram, confessing that she was unwell, in "unbearable" pain. She was accompanied by a video in which she was seen climbing stairs to access the stage. An image as striking as unpublished in the queen of pop, she has always enjoyed an enviable physical form. She could barely climb the steps, and her face reflected fear, helplessness and suffering in the face of an ailment that for the first time could force her to stop and retreat from the stage earlier than planned. While the physicist is showing her the reality of her age, she insists on continuing to break barriers and not behaving as you would expect from her 61st birthday. That could change now, forced by her knee,

Debi Mazar, one of her best friends for 40 years, couldn't contain herself and commented on the video. In full view, he put the following message: "Have you thought your fans would be happy if you just sat in a chair and sang?" On the night of the premiere of his show in Lisbon the queue was around the block of the Teatro Coliseo dos Recreos. There was no entry left for sale and, although the audience was heterogeneous, most attendees were around an age between 40 and 50. A legion of loyal fans who look not in the current Madonna for the fashionable pop star who was for three decades, but an iconic artist in her maturity who has also risked with her latest album. A fusion of Portuguese, African and Latin sounds with a powerful political message that, however, has again promoted with the most commercial and distant themes of that concept, in which he has accompanied the youth idols of the moment like Maluma. As it has already happened with her 2015 album Rebel Heart, this proposal has not worked and sales of Madame X have been a long way from the usual level in the queen of pop,

Madonna, with her new partner, Ahlamalik Williams. GTRES

Young audiences are not interested in Madonna, but she insists on addressing him despite recent failures. Although he conceived his new tour as a show intimate to have an experience close to his fans, he has again embarked on a show with a high level of physical demand for the number of choreographies. As if that weren't enough, Madame X Tour is the most concert tour of his entire career. More than a hundred recitals in six months. The combination of all these factors has made her body say enough, no matter how much she refuses to accept it. His image has also been heavily questioned in recent years. Comments on whether your face looks like someone else's because of the amount of plastic surgery, or whether your looks, own by an Ariana Grande or a Lady Gaga, border the ridiculousness, have been common lately. This was seen after his critical Eurovision performance in May last year. In his personal life, he has not had a serious relationship with someone close to his age since he separated from Guy Ritchie in 2008. He has started an affair Ahlamalik Williams with one of his dancers, aged 26, just three years older than his firstborn Lourdes Maria. Madonna has never explained to anyone and has always done what she wanted, but it is inevitable that comments on the media and on social media will speak of object man, passenger entertainment and even companion boy for multimillion-dollar big business


With your new friend, he spent the Christmas holidays in the Maldives. A family vacation with the singer's younger children, who were designed to recover definitively from the knee resting. While her fans in Europe waited with her heart in a fist, she uploaded videos dancing with a drink in her hand at a night party on the beach. She made it clear again that she will always be incorrigible in spirit, even if the physicist tried to bend her. On his return to the stage he had to retouch the show. She has taken away risky steps, she sits still at many times, and when she dances it is clear that she is far from what she could offer a few years ago. However, fans left the theatre delighted with how well they had sung, in rigorous direct and for more than two hours in the perfect voice. Precisely the most osnoid song was Frozen, in which it does not move from the site. One more fact that could make Madonna reflect on where she is and where to go, as an artist and as a sexagenarian woman