From Oprah to Elton John and the Obamas: Prince Henry and Meghan Markle's advisors in their crisis

When family moves to the background, friends tend to occupy the first one. Something that is evident to Henry of England and Meghan Markle, now that they are in full break from their relations with the Windsors following their announcement to part of their duties to reside between Canada, California and the United Kingdom and their claim to emancipate themselves economically


Now that they have decided to put land in the way, the Sussex will seek supports to help them in those first steps. Although Markle is American and has developed much of his career in Canada, the dukes will have more than more than the support of powerful friends in their new journey. Especially to decide what that purported financial independence will look like. 

The couple has agreed and received the support of two popular ex-presidential couples: the Obamas and the Clintons. Especially Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton have expressed their sympathies for them and have ensured that Markle is under pressure and the difficulties of his new role. Hence both couples can help them guide their steps, also in their new business adventures. The Obamas, for example, have signed million-dollar contracts for their memories, although it seems unlikely that this is the journey of the Dukes of Sussex


they could follow is the Clintons' footsteps; in fact, the Sussex have signed the adviser who helped the presidential marriage in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. When Hillary left the secretary of state, she charged 675,000 euros for five speeches she gave in four days; a week earlier, Bill gave two talks in two days for half a million euros, as The Times, stating that the lectures could be one of the dukes' professional outings, although always bearing in mind that the transparency in terms of income and who has helped them achieve it should be total. "They have to make very smart decisions about where and from whom that income comes from," says a source close to them to that diary,

Henry of England, with Justin Trudeau in 2018. CORDON PRESS

Another good friend of the couple is Oprah Winfrey, who will also help them boost their careers. As a fact, he's already doing it. The all-powerful American presenter is co-producing with the dukes a multi-chapter series on mental health that will broadcast Apple's content platform, although at the moment it is unknown when it will come to light. The series will seek to share "stories of unusual personalities who resisted the most difficult situations, to allow us to better understand ourselves and our surroundings.


In fact, the dukes' relationship with Winfrey is close. So much so that certain American media outlets claim that Enrique and Meghan would have threatened the British royal family with an exclusive interview with the TV diva. They want to tell their story with hairs and signs and have the world listen to it, and nothing better than Oprah to make them speaker,

If Winfrey has become his confidante, so has another Briton with one foot always in the United States: Elton John. A good friend of Princess Diana until her death, the singer holds "almost daily" conversations with Henry, as revealed by a source close to the British newspaper The Mirror. He says it's "constant support" and he already knew that the dukes were going to announce their intentions to part ways with the royal family before they communicated it to the royal family


On the Canadian side of the border, the Sussex also has those who support them. Stylist Jessica Mulroney is one of them. A couple of years older than Markle, they became good friends during the filming of the series Suits in Toronto. Afterwards, Mulroney, who is also an adviser to  Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, the wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, flew to London on several occasions to advise her friend before her wedding and to accompany her in the storm that shook her afterwards. Now, in the three days that Markle has been in the UK with Enrique, the Canadian media claims that his son, little Archie, has saved himself the trip and stayed in the care of Mulroney, who in turn has three children with Ben Mulroney, son of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

Just Justin Trudeau is another of the couple's valetors. He was the one who revealed that they were in Canada  through a tweet in which he welcomed them to the country, and also who has stated—according to some British media—that, if they wanted to live in Canada, they could take care of the safety of the dukes.