Cayetano, the most discreet and passionate of the Rivera brothers

Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez (Madrid, 1977) is a lucky man. Great-grandson, grandson, son, nephew, brother and cousin of bullfighters, belonging to a saga of authentic brava blood, famous from the cradle, recognized bullfighter, model of haute couture and advertising reference. However, it is not because of his last works that he has been on the lips of all these days, but that has been his personal life, that he tries to preserve to the maximum and on which he closes in a band in each interview, that has put in the mediaof the Rivera brothers in the


, Cayetano remains doomed to notoriety, with a life in which there are no boundaries between the public and the personal. For several days his name has been on the liars of the heart without ever naming him, except for a live lapse by Kiko Matamoros, collaborator of the Telecinco Sálvame. The reason: alleged photographs circulating among professionals in the pink press that would attest to marital infidelity. Cayetano is married to model and presenter Eva González since 2015 and they have a son who turned one year old in March.

In that fine border between the public and the private, sometimes it is a bullfighter and another object of gossip. This time the succession of comments that point to him as the famous man who has an extramarital relationship for years with a woman of which the name is unknown, has provoked his blunt reaction. Cayetano has known the latest controversy in America, where it has remained since last November 24th he bullied in the square of Acho in Lima, and this Monday neither remoteness prevented him from coming out of a rumor that adds to others that he has had to face since he decided to be the protagonist of social life and announced that he would sue Telecinco. At the moment, according to his press department, he continues in those lands, although he has no contracts in his bullfighting agenda,

— Cayetano (@Cayetano_Rivera) December 2, 2019

Although famous for being the son of the bullfighter Paquirri and Carmina Ordóñez, daughter in turn of the bullfighter Antonio Ordóñez, he was already a man made and right when he decided to make the leap to the bullring. Married and separated from model Blanca romero, and abandoned his aspirations to make his way as a film director, he decided to wear the costume of lights already 28 years old and attempt glory in the ring. He surprised since his debut as a novillero on March 26, 2005 in the Plaza de Ronda. He was guarded in the careful and protective hands of master Curro Vázquez, his proxy, who took him away from fierce bulls, introduced him to the select group of bullfighting figures and pampered him as few have been in the history of those who dress in lights,

But such care did not prevent him from suffering more flips and than planned, which presumably influenced his spirits and determined that, without leaving the ring, he would be caressed by the honeys of the fashion and advertising industry. Thus, she worked as a couture model, wore an Armani costume in the 2009 Goyesque run and her face served to sell cologne in the bus canopies,

On October 2012, he got tired of bullfighting, decided to enroll in a course on business leadership and embarked on a return to the world of solidarity. After just over two years, in 2015, she announced her return to the ring, married tv presenter Eva González and greened bullfighting laurels with more experience and background as

a bullfighter. The bullfighters Francisco and Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez during a run at the bullfighting fair in Pontevedra, in 2017. gtresonline

Unlike two of his three brothers, Francisco Rivera (collaborator in Atresmedia) and Kiko Rivera , star protagonist in the realities of Telecinco), he has remained discreet, speaks little and is not friends with interviews, but is more passionate than ever. He prefers to express his opinions on social media, where he also exposes his political ideas, defends with ardemel the party of the bulls of his many enemies or asks for help because his car has been stolen


Perhaps because of its appeal to the public, for its attempt to stay in the background, the favor of the companies and its personal commitment, has managed to reach the top of the ranking of killers, and this season has starred in triumphant afternoons, such as their departure on their shoulders in the Sanfermines of Pamplona. Interestingly, when he is touring Peruvian lands, in the bullfighting silence of winter and the bullfighting return to the anonymity of the cold, a rumor has brought him to the forefront of the present,

The Rivera don't stop; a wedding announcement, a pregnancy, a birth, a brotherly anger, a family squabend, the promotion of a watch or a colony... They're always in the limelight. But no one is perfect. When Cayetano intended to go unnoticed in Peru, his fate returns him to the present day and forces him to be passionate about defending himself from the sinful avatars of popularity that have put in the pillory the tranquility of a marriage in the eyes of his admirers.