Camilo Blanes: "I haven't lost my way"

Sunday 8 December marked the three months of the death of Camilo Sesto and his only son and universal heir Camilo Blanes, he spoke in the program Viva la vida de Telecinco where he has told how he is and has ensured that he has not lost his way, unlike what his mother, Lourdes Ornelas, hinted at just two weeks ago, when he discovered that his son had problems. "I'm fine, I have good days and bad days like everybody else, but deep down," he said. "No one has ever died around me and above it is my father. It's changed everything, it's left me a series of principles, of values. That's what I have of him, apart from a lot of other things," he added,

Questioned for the millionaire estate that after his death his father has received as the sole universal heir— several million euros, a company of sale of real estate, three properties and the copyright of all the songs composed by the artist-, Blanes has ensured that he has a well-furnished head. "I don't think I'll change much for inheritance. It'll change the way I act, but it'll be for the better. I don't think I'll buy a yacht or anything like that. I'm going to stay productive artistically or whatever. I haven't lost my way," he said,

In recent days, her mother, Lourdes Ornelas, has spoken about Blanes and his alleged addiction problems, ensuring that his son has entered a spiral of alcohol and uncontrolled nights. After the magazine Hoy Corazón caught a Camilo Blanes wandering the streets of the central Madrid neighborhood of Chueca disoriented and with hardly being able to articulate a word, Ornelas did not hide his anguish. As she told the publication just two weeks ago, the young man was missing for three days, did not sleep at home and returned "without his documents, without his credit cards and without his phone." Her mother was then very concerned about her son's health because she fears that the excess life is taking its toll. "It has happened many times and will be repeated," he revealed,

zoom in Lourdes Ornelas and Camilo Blanes, by the streets of Torrelodones, last September. gtresonline

This situation is not new in the life of Camilo Blanes. Ornelas confessed that the young man has been in treatment at several clinics in both Madrid and Mexico, where he lived until his father's death, although in none he has managed to heal himself, so the young man's mother has decided to resort to the legal route to help him: "I have hired one of the best lawyers in Spain and I will take letters in this matter", revealed Lourdes to the magazine, who also stated that she is not willing to surrender: "Survivor. I'm going to fight to the end with all my strength to bring my son forward.

Blanes has another version of the facts. Speaking to the Telecinco program this weekend, Camilo Sesto's son has assured him to be "sober." "I've come out a lot but this has never happened. I don't know why my mother says that ... my mother is the way she is, exaggerates some things and gives interviews about them. But... a kiss mom, I love you anyway, don't worry," he has sentenced,

Blanes, 36, was born from Sesto's relationship with Lourdes Ornelas, one of his fans. He has lived in Mexico until the death of his father, who died on September 8, at the age of 72, from the kidney problems he was suffering from. Since his arrival, Blanes has settled in the residence that the singer had in Torrelodones and which is now his property. His mother, who also lived in Mexico, has not separated from his side and currently lives in another apartment located in the same town in Madrid.

The relationship between father and son has always been surrounded by mystery, partly by the accusations that Ornelas herself poured over the singer and his bad behavior as a father. While Blanes has always stayed out of it and has never positioned himself, now he does not hesitate to clarify that he and Camilo Sesto have always been very close. "I want to make it clear that the relationship with my father was very good and close," she insisted on her statements during this time,

Installed in Madrid, Blanes makes normal life. People around him say it is not easy to contact him and it takes between seven and ten days to locate him. He goes out with friends and has no plans to move from Spain. He is awaiting the release of his new album, which he finished recording a few months ago and still pending the creation of the museum tribute to his father that is to open in Alcoy, the hometown of Camilo Sesto. He himself admitted in October that he will participate, although for the time being everything is standing still waiting for the parties to agree on what should be bequeath to the museum