Ashley Graham strips naked and claims changes in her body with pregnancy

Model Ashley Graham posted a photograph to her Instagram account showing her stretch marks naked. The top of large sizes already announced last week on the same social network her advanced state of gestation with a funny video with her husband, the film director Justin Ervin, whom she married in 2010. Graham has accompanied the image of his body, in which the changes are seen after several months of gestation, with the following message: "Same, but a little different".

Graham, 31, refers with these words to the changes her body has gone through, showing no filters or touch-ups, and the idea that she remains herself but now with a life inside her. The photograph has reached more than one million I like on the social network, which has been flooded with messages of support and admiration for a gesture that, especially among the models, remains a show of courage


The supermodel has shared her future motherhood with her husband, 30, with whom she has been married since the age of 22. The couple have broke the news in a video in which the image was broadening the plane until you can see Graham full-length and you can see his obvious pregnancy. "Surprise!" says the model smiling as much as her husband. Both have always shared their love on social media, and news of their first child has followed the same path. "Nine years ago today, I married the love of my life. It was the best trip with my favorite person in the world! Today we feel blessed, grateful, and excited to celebrate with our growing family! Happy anniversary, @mrjustinervin. Life is about to improve," she wrote in the text that accompanies the publication. Meanwhile, Ervin has chosen to share several photos on his Instagram account. Among them, one of them with a baby ultrasound.nbsp;

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me same but a little different

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In 2009 Graham, who was the curvy model most popular at the time, met Ervin in a church. First they were just friends, but only a year later the couple gave themselves the "yes, I want". In a 2016 interview with the Canadian edition of Elle magazine, the model claimed that the two waited to marry before having sex. And he added not having had the feeling of having wasted time, quite the opposite, he maintained that his marital life is "amazing". "My husband and I waited. Call me crazy, but it worked. Now the sex is amazing! When we were dating, I felt like I was the one with the power. She respected me more because she wasn't willing to turn myself in easily," she said. "I always tell my friends to wait three months before they sleep with someone, and if that person can wait, then on a good guy. I want to make it clear that it is not a rule that should apply to everyone, but for me it went well," he stressed. 

In 2017, the top directed four women in a photo shoot, in which they agreed to show off their body covered only by lingerie for a video of Glamour magazine. "Not to feel overwhelmed when I'm in a photo shoot I never touch the parts of my body that I don't like. But the opposite. I put my hands on my breasts or torso. That makes me feel more comfortable in front of the camera," Graham explains on the recording. In that same graphic session, the women who appear – and who do not engage in the profession of modeling – claimed diversity with phrases like these: "I should stop worrying about what other people think" or "I should be more motivated. I've never felt this way before. I always feel too big," as they gained security and confidence,

Graham ends the video with a message: "Some people believe that the body revolution and the way we see it is just a trend. But it's not. If we continue to promote the issue, if we put into check what society for a long time called ugly, then things will start to change. That's how a statement of intent is made, that's how we normalize things that we've been told that weren't right before." At the end of the powerful message, the model who has occupied covers in renowned magazines such as Vogue or Sport Illustrated breaks down in tears excited by what she has lived and for the challenges that remain


Since the beginning of his career, the top has added outstanding achievements in the fashion industry: big headline covers, parades, campaigns for major firms. Thus, it has consolidated its own revolution in terms of the acceptance of different canons of beauties and measures on the catwalk. He was even part of the Forbes list of the 30 most influential under-30s in 2016, as well as working in television and writing a book  about the true face of trust, beauty and power.&