Adele, 50 kilos less and a personal revolution

Adele has always been a discreet woman, but now, at 31, she seems more mysterious than ever. The British interpreter hardly gives any clues about her work, her life or her plans, neither in the press nor on her own social media. However, through the few images it publishes and the information it gives, it reveals that it is experiencing a revolution in the personal. Professionally, the news is expected soon, when experts predict that it will release a new album.

but now Adele is self-centered. In his health and well-being, in recovering after his separation from Simon Konecki after seven years of relationship, in having fun. The performer from Hello and Rolling in the deep has started the year on the island of Anguilla, in the Caribbean, where she has been photographed by different tourists. There she has been seen with host and actor James Corden and singer Harry Styles, among other friends,

One of the people who saw her, a young student, told the American magazine Us Weekly&how, in fact, she was trying to take a picture with Styles when she realized that the woman in her group was Adele. Known for her closeness and sympathy, the British woman showed it and began talking to the young woman and her friends. "When she showed up and started asking us about us and how our vacation was going in Anguilla, I apologized for not recognizing her at the time and she replied, 'Don't worry, I've lost like 100 pounds,' meaning more than 45 kilos. "We told her she was very pretty. She seemed very relaxed, very happy, enjoying her vacation. We no longer talked about how She had lost that weight," she explains. Another fan of the singer who also spoke to her on the island claims that she told them that it had been "an incredibly positive experience.

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Adele's physical change is obvious. In two photos he posted on December 23 on his Instagram account, he appears almost unrecognizable alongside Grinch and Santa Claus. But, as those who know it claim, weight loss was never among the priorities of the British woman. Since People magazine publishes, what Adele wants is to be okay. And within it comes the weight,

"It's easy to just focus on your physical transformation, but the change has to do with something much bigger. He got to a point where he wasn't feeling well. I knew I had to change something, because I wanted to be the healthiest mom possible," says a source close to the singer. To do this, he has focused on maintaining a strict diet and practicing a lot of sport, especially pilates and cross training.

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We both tried to ruin Christmas but then both our hearts grew! Thank you for coming to my party and making us feel like kids Grinch 💚 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone x

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"All your focus during this weight loss process has been to see how you could feel healthier and treat your body better. It was never a matter of losing kilos, that has happened because it has drastically cut off alcohol consumption and is eating more real food. But he also loves his physical transformation. She's more confident, dresses differently and looks happier overall," the same sources say. "She's a new woman with all her sense of humor. She loves her friends and feels more confident," they say, something that has made her want to pitch and publicize her new music, something that would happen in the second half of the year


That change has been driven by his intention to feel better about the welfare of his son, Angelo, seven years old. The singer has always been very focused on him and has tried to protect him from media aggression; in fact, he reported to an imaging agency for posting photographs of the boy when he was just two years old on his first day of kindergarten, among other times, and managed to win.

when the boy was three years old, Adele made public that he had suffered "a serious postpartum depression" that scared her greatly the first few months after giving birth. "I felt very inadequate, as if I had made the worst decision of my life," she said. "What I know about the postpartum stage is that you don't want to be with your child, you're worried about whether you can hurt him and if you're not doing a good job." The singer overcame that stage, but that concern to be the best possible mother is still there, and it is the central issue that has brought about a positive change that has also benefited her in her physical and health